As the holiday season approaches, there is a lot of crazy in the restaurant business. Sometimes, people follow the spirit of giving, and other follow the spirit of the Grinch. The night before Thanksgiving, I was told by several customers that it was selfish that we were closed for Thanksgiving Day. Three couples mentioned that to me, and each time I had to smile, shrug and say sorry.

When people come in on Christmas Eve


Just to get the full picture, our restaurant is only closed for two days out of the year. Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not Christmas Eve, even though our sales are low, and we all are miserable because we can’t be at home with our families. So when someone calls us selfish, or mean for not being open, we don’t care. I feel very bad for those other restaurants that have to be open all the time. I am thankful I get at least two holidays out of the year off.


For the other holidays like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, New Years Day and Eve, I’ll be at work. Especially Mother’s and Father’s Day. Those are the worst shifts to cover. We always are over staff because we don’t want to be surprised by the amount of people that come in. I would like to give the following insight into working holidays:

  1. People are the worst tippers on Father’s and Mother’s Day. People who don’t normally go out to eat, come out of the woodwork to grace us with their presence. I’ll have a party of 10, they will order 250 dollars of food, and tip 10 dollars which i

    Literally everyone ever…..No tip for me

    have to give 3% out to the hosts, and then split the rest with my fellow server.

  2. Easter is supposed to be this kind holiday, but there are so many people who are over the top rude, just after leaving church. Once again, people who do not come in, normally tip bad, but will wish you a happy easter as their tip.
  3. New Years Eve, we are never open until 12 am. We follow our normal closing schedule. We aren’t here for you to come in right at close, order one thing of wings, and keep a whole kitchen staff on, on top of the closing servers until 12am.
  4. Extra tipping during a holidays is something some people do right before Christmas. Do not forget though being kind to people just because it is the holidays doesn’t mean that you’re a good person. Being kind all throughout the year is something you should strive for.

Remember, we have lives outside of work, and are trying to be the nicest we can be. We are away from our families to take care of yours, so you have a nice holiday to remember.


Happy Holiday Season Everyone!

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