Sunday Funday part 2


So we all remember the beautiful day in the restaurant business that is Sunday. Sunday, the day of the week where everything will go wrong. It will feel as if we will run out of almost everything in the kitchen. We will be short staffed. We will have food tickets that will go out so late the customers cannot remember the last  time they consumed food.

A few weeks ago something unreal, yes unreal and unimaginable happened at my job. I was working an event (to recall the event is where people come to eat a three course meal for a low price to raise money for a charity) and the takeaway girl came in to start her shift. She left her phone in the to go room behind the counter and behind a small container, so it was slightly out of sight.

Ten minuets after her arriving, she comes to me to ask if I had seen her phone. I immediately think it was one of my fellow co workers playing a prank. I go up to each person asking seriously about the matter. They all denied that they took her phone and promised me they weren’t lying. So us workers being smart, used someone else’s phone to use the iPhone app Find my iPhone. So we find that the phone is inside the restaurant, and we start listening for the dinging of the phone. So one of my kitchen mangers pinpointed the sound to a table full of old people. We exchanged extremely confused looks, these were senior citizens, in their 70s, at the restaurant to be apart of the church event. Yes, you read that correct, an event for a church. 

So the owner of the restaurant comes in for his shift and we explain what is going on. At this point the accused man who was dinging went to the bathroom. We waited for him to come out, so the owner can talk to him. So after 30 minuets of badgering and asking, the accused old man says the dinging is his pacemaker. I walking by let out a laugh, but continued on with my shift. This guy who we were 99% sure stole the to go girl’s phone, sat in the restaurant for 2 hours.

When your customer lies to your manager

Once they got up to leave, the owner asked one more time if he had the phone by accident. He said no, and when he left the building, he called the cops. So the cop came and talked to the man. She asked the man if he could empty his pockets, the whole nine yards. She then informed the man if he turned over the stolen property, he wouldn’t be in as much trouble. So there the man goes, he takes off his shoe, takes out a paper towel wad, and unveils the stolen phone. So the cop then says, “you’re telling me you came to [enter restaurant here], to a church event, and you steal a phone?” it was hilarious to say the least. Anyway, the girl was given $150 to repair her cracked phone.

This is something I will never forget. There will be no Sunday could be as odd as this Sunday this fall.


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