Sadly, I do not work for that lovely restaurant where you can make fun of the customers that come in. No one gets those hats with mean descriptions on them either. I sadly work in a restaurant where I have to be the perfect poster child for politeness and kindness. Most of the time it isn’t hard being polite and kind to customers when they arrive. Many people are respectful and patient of my job as well. Unfortunately, one extremely rude or mean customer can put a dent in your shift. You can have one hundred great customers but that one-hundredth and one customer that comes in, and is mean can ruin all the positive people that came in before them.

Being nice can and will get you far with your sever. Being an easy table with manners can be a game changer as well. If you aren’t kind or you are super rude and annoying we will remember you. Before going forward with this post I would just like to remind all of you once again that all servers are human and all humans make mistakes. I forgot to get you another basket of bread? I didn’t mean to forget, but I also have lots of other people to take care of, and they are most likely to be as needy as you. There is no reason to yell and scream like a child because you didn’t receive extra bread.

your co-workers when you finally snap back at a customer

Every shift I come in happy. I mean sometimes I have a bad day, but I never let it show to any of my tables. I like to be as excited and ready for work similar to Spongebob when he goes to work at the Krusty Krab. Once I deal with customers who are over the top rude and mean, I instantly turn into Squidward. I am unenthused with work and basically hate everyone who walks through the front door.

Watch this short Spongebob Clip to learn more!!

When you are rude to your server, everything becomes a struggle for us. We have a hard time refilling your drink, or even checking up on you to see if everything is going smoothly. We just want you to eat, pay, leave.

I work at an affordable restaurant where all walks of life come to eat. It’s cool that I can witness someone’s first date, or their 50th wedding anniversary, or even their 95th birthday. It’s humbling that some people think that our business is nice and good enough for their celebrations. I get to meet many people from different parts of the country, and different parts of the world. With all the great people I get to meet, I also get to meet the many disrespectful customers as well.

Photo Credit: @serverlife

There have been times where I have almost quit because I was treated so poorly. I’ve been pulled down by a customer just to tell me I suck because I didn’t put enough lemon in her ice tea. I will never forget: “How could you even be a waitress. You put three slices of lemon in my tea when I specifically asked for a few. You must be a high school dropout or something to make that mistake.” That one I had to bite my lip for, but there was another older woman that was alone eating who said: “Listen you were a great waitress and all, but you had a lot of tables so I am upset that you did not take the time to sit while I ate. That is why I will not be leaving you a tip today.” That day I was just relieved that she left me nothing because I wouldn’t take any tip she gave me.

We are not here to be your servant, just a server. 


If you have a story on a customer who went above and beyond to be rude comment using the hashtag #customerwrong below or on twitter at @ilivetoserve


I’d love to hear from you all!

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