Since my last post, I gave a little background on being a host, I feel like knowing takeaway is the next best topic to discuss.

Takeaway, we all use it, and we all appreciate the same food we love, without having to sit in a restaurant to get it. Now, there are a few things you may not know about takeaway.

  1. The person who brings you the food, most of the time takes the order, packages the food, and makes sure everything is correct.
  2. The person in takeaway does want you to tip them. You want everything in your order right? You want to go home and have everything there? That is why we do the job, and do it right. If everything is correct and you thought they did a good job tip them.
  3. Tipping 20% for your meal isn’t a bad idea. Sure it isn’t a perfect world out there, but tipping any person in the food industry 20% is the ideal. Honestly that is the lowest percent you should ever tip someone.

    When you work hard and get tipped $*!t

    (Not going to go into a whole rant on the subject. More to come on the topic soon).

  4. The people doing takeaway don’t just do takeaway, they usually have to do other tasks while they take care of your to-go order as well.

One of my biggest pet peeves is having to listen to customers go on and on about all that I do is hand them their food. I of course nod and smile, but that is the exact opposite of what I do. I do hand you your food, but i also package your food, I also take all the orders, make toppings, run in-house food, and help the host stand. I am expected to do multiple jobs, on top of taking care of your burger with a side of fries.

There are two types of takeaway, slow and slammed. You can have 1 to 2 orders an hour, or get a pop and get 11 orders within a 15 minute period. In that situation, you can feel the weeds coming on. It isn’t that 11 orders are the end of the world, but it is the fact that you have to take the orders, use the one computer for to-go, insert the order, package the food, make sure that is right, give the orders to the right people, take payment, and not mess up.

This is me when I have 10+ orders Photo Credit: Gunshow-On Fire by KC Green

The last part is the hardest. It is really easy to miss a side of honey mustard when you are behind, and you have 6 people waiting in your little closet of a to-go room. Now to you reading this, a side of honey mustard is a small thing to forget, but for the person who’s order it is, it is the end of the world.

People all the time call back to tell the takeaway people how dumb they are because they asked for 4 sides of blue cheese, but only received three and a half. I have literally received a call back from some man who said his wife was mad because her to-go cup of soda didn’t have enough ice in it. I had to apologize, and get my manager. Over a lack of ice. Ice. Ice that melts.

There is no need for 12 sides of Ranch. Stop by Stop and Shop on your way home

Here are 10 Tips to getting your To-go order right.

  1. Be specific on your order
  2. Order everything you need over the phone. Don’t call back 4 times.
  3. Leave a phone number. We aren’t going to keep it. If we run out of something that you ordered, then we can call and fix it before you get here.
  4. When you pick up your order, you can ask us to go through it. This is good for anyone with a big order. We usually double check everything, but it is better that we check it with you there instead of you finding out that something is missing when you’re home.
  5. We do not purposely leave things out of your order. We forget, we are human. We are also sorry. Except if you are rude and really mean. Then we are not sorry. Sorry……
  6. If you tip us, we will forever appreciate your service. Seriously.
  7. Sometimes it is really loud and we cannot hear you, we aren’t trying to be “annoying” or “cute” with you. And yes, I rather ask you six times what your side is than guess.
  8. If you order in and sit in the takeaway room, or area, we cannot just sit there and talk with you. It would be nice, but we get in trouble, and we get behind.
  9. If you are in the takeaway room, or space, it is ok. You are not in the way, even if you are. We will never say you are in the way. Use some judgment on that call.
  10. One last time for emphasis. Tip your to-go server.


Hope you have learned a little about life in takeaway!

A.N-Also just realized I created a little Office theme in my post…you’re welcome…

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