The word of the week is Weeded. This means that you are overwhelmed in everything you have to do. Being weeded means that getting a side of ketchup to one of your tables, is almost impossible to do, because you have so many other tasks to finish. Everything that you have to accomplish is a priority, and nothing can wait.

Now, the word weeded can also be used in a phrase. You can hear some servers shout back at the kitchen manager, ” I can’t! I’m in the weeds!” when being asked to run a tray of food.

Being weeded feels like you’re drowning. You are doing all you can, but you can’t get above all the work that has to get done. It is an anxiety ridden trip, but you eventually get over it.

To those who have not served, it is not a lovely experience. It feels as if you are being pulled in 10 different directions. It is not just your tables who need you. It is the kitchen staff who needs food to be run to other tables, plates to be put back, condiments to be restocked, and so on.

Being in the weeds is something I wish on no server. It effects the customers at your tables, because you cannot give them the time they need.

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