Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday (photo credit @serverlife)

Working in a restaurant for two years now, you tend to see reoccurring situations. There could be too many names on a wait for pagers, there could be a malfunction of the computer system or even a simple issue with not having anymore cherry tomatoes. All of these situations alone are fine. If these situations all happened at the same time, it would most likely happen on a Sunday. Now, if all of these situations happen at the same time on top of having three hosts out of work because they are sick, the dishwasher breaking down, and the Air Conditioner breaking… that would just be another ordinary Sunday Funday.

For some odd reason, Sundays are days where everything goes wrong, and everything bad happens. One particular Sunday that sticks out in my mind was we were supposed to have five hosts on but only myself and one other girl showed up to our shifts. We both opened at 10:45 in the morning, and proceeded to seat customers, polish and roll the silverware, bus and clean the tables, all on a 30 to 40 minute wait. On top of all of that, we were down a few servers because of the same sickness that claimed our fellow hosts. So, every server was in the weeds (a phrase we use to say we are so busy that we can’t even get bread out to a table without being overwhelmed) so everyone, managers included were running around like crazy.

Sundays are days that follow Murphy’s Law, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. It might be because it is the shortest day of the restaurant week, opening at 10:45 and closing at 9pm, or it could be many employees do not want to work Sundays and many customers want to eat out at our establishment. Regardless of the rhyme or reason, every Sunday seems to bring strife to all who are working. To throw another wrench into the whole day, our restaurant throws charitable events in the mornings. Here, myself and coworkers included, serve customers who come out to support local sports teams, high school events, and fundraisers. We come in extra early, to take care of the community, and in return we are mostly met with grumpy customers. It isn’t the best way to start a Sunday, but it is my fellow co-workers who make it all bearable.

The trick to happy servers is a hidden kitchen. Here, we can let off steam, talk to each other about who is giving who a hard time, or just be able to hide to catch our breath. The kitchen for the most part is our solitude from guests. With all of the crazy going on, there is one super positive for working on Sunday, and that is the money. Lets be honest, I took this job to make a living and pay off student loans, not to wake up late and work evenings. Being short staffed is no fun while you are working, but the hard work pays off in the end, and I have enough money to pay for gas for the next two weeks.

There is no escaping the day that is Sunday Funday

Sunday Fundays are a occurrence that happens often. I will definitely have more stories to write about as the Sundays roll on. As for now, this has just been a quick introduction into Sundays at my restaurant.

Until Next Time!

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